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Computer Lab

“Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once. Here music supports us when we feel lonely and isolated. It’s a group of people who perform instrumental or vocal music in our school; group of student musicians who perform instrumental music together after immense rehearse and dedicated practice.


Computer Lab

"Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm". We can see many young tennis players coming up every now & then just because of their hard work & true enthusiasm. Table-tennis or Ping – pong is a sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight ball back and forth using a table tennis racket. The game takes place on a hard table divided by a net. This game is governed by the World – Wide Organization.


“As entrepreneurs, leaders, bosses, we must realize that everything we think about we our projecting into the future”. Therefore, in today materialistic world it’s very much essential to keep ourselves fit & fine. Exercise is one such way to enhance one’s personality up to the fullest. It’s a form of physical exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines with the goal to improve all elements of fitness that is flexibility, muscular strength and cardio-vascular fitness.


Computer Lab

This is the age of information technology and the sector is showing immense career possibilities we want our students to enter the competitive world fully equipped with the required knowledge; But for that it is necessary to familiarize students with the use of computer from an early age. So our school has started computer education from class I. Our aim is to make children aware of modern technology. The most felicitated two A/C labs with most advanced 53 high tech computers with N-Computing Technology, updated software, and 24 x 7 Internet constitute our computer labs. Teaching the students through the projector increases their efficiency level. In addition to studies, various designing such as animations, web designing, movie making, visiting cards, calendar, photo editing, presentation, images, mark sheets, charts, graphs, greeting cards, letters & applications, etc. increases the creativity and imagination of individuals. Teaching through this system improves the imaginative skill. Co-curricular activities also include computer club to facilitate understanding of various software applications by the students. Computers having LCD screen are efficiently used with special guidance provided by our efficient teachers. In today's world technology, is the backbone of the society and so is the computer lab of our school. The students after the theoretical understanding of concept, practical classes are conducted encourage thinking and developing their ability to choose command and operate.


Physics Lab

Physics lab has an adequate space with various well equipped experimental devices like Vernier Callipers, Screw Gauge, Spherometer, Ammeter, Voltmeter, Galvanometer, Optical Bench, Travelling Microscope, Prism, Glass slab, Lens, Mirror, Transistor, Diode Potentiometer, Meter Bridge, Resistance box, Rheastat, battery eliminator, primary cells etc. All apparatus are of superior quality and high efficiency. The laboratory has all required facility like smart class and white board etc.

Chemistry Lab


Chemistry lab is well equipped with all necessary modern equipments, electronic balance and good quality of chemicals. The lab is well ventilated with desired number of exhaust fans. To avoid any accident in the lab, fire extinguisher is also available. Fridge is also available to store necessary chemicals. Many charts and models are displayed in the lab.
Importance of laboratory equipments for Students
Labs have become very important these days. Experiments often take place in research labs because that’s where innovations happen. These offer students the opportunity of learning chemistry through hands on experiences. This helps them to enhance their learning & thinking skills. It helps the students to be more competitive and help to achieve their goals by inculcating in them higher order thinking skills. Students can learn with practical experiments in the school laboratories about the scientific methods such as collecting data, experimenting & testing hypothesis. This will help the students be more enthusiastic and appreciative towards Chemistry.

Biology Lab


A Biology lab is a resource site for biology teachers and students. Our school is well equipped with biology lab to give the student greater opportunity of learning about internal structures of plants and animals by section cutting through materials. They can easily identify the anatomy of plants through dissecting and compound microscope. Our lab consists of various specimens of plants and animals, frog and fowl bones, human anatomy set and both big and small skeletal system for students to understand human and animals body structure in an interesting and attractive way. The lab also has all the required facilities like smart class and white board to provide an easy access to students understanding.



Library is the heart of an educational institute. It is a treasure of knowledge which is open to all who are curious to know more and more. Our school libraries divided into two sections one is for primary sections and the other is for secondary section. Both the section of our library are well furnished, hi-tech, fully computerized and well organized where all the records of the books issued and deposited are maintained through computer. "Open Shelf" system is the speciality of our both libraries where a reader is free to choose and pickup the book of his/her choice. There are 17500 books including text books, reference books, periodicals, dictionaries and encyclopaedias are available in both libraries. The books are divided into different sections-Science, Humanities, Art and Culture, Language and Literature (Poetry, songs, novels and dramas). The wrappers of new arrivals and newspapers are displayed on the board so that the readers may know about the new things and happenings around us. About 1000 books are issued to the staff members and students every month. The weekly, fortnightly, monthly magazines, journals and newspapers are made available to the readers. Not only this, both libraries also have rich collection of 1520 CDs and DVDs. These CDs and DVDs are made available to the teachers to use on different occasions.

Play World


The School is proud to have most well equipped play world for the little ones known as 'Kids Kingdom'. It is a unique place for kids education, having colourful and air conditioned classrooms with smart class. It also has child friendly furniture, modern educational toys and high-tech audio video system to enjoy learning.


The school has its own fleet of seven buses plus attached five buses and seven vans. Transport facility is therefore available for all the main routes of Ajmer and Pushkar.


Close Circuit TV

CCTV Camera

For close surveillance of teaching learning process, CC TV with 112 coloured cameras have been installed. This is directly monitored by the President and Academic Director in their respective chambers. It has increased the enforcement of discipline and efficiency in teaching learning process and consequently it has developed love for learning quietly.


Educomp Logo

EDUCOMP : Educomp Digital Smart Project is the pride of the school and we have the privilege to be the first in the town in introducing the modern technique in the year 2005-06 by installing the 'Interactive Digiboard System' and later on by substituting Boards with Projectors. This has made the teaching learning process more 'user-friendly'. Teaching through this board improves effectiveness and productivity in the class.

All the class rooms and science labs are covered by this technology.Under this technology all the class rooms are equipped with "Interactive whiteboard System or Smart class rolling whiteboard system" with a PC connected to a dedicated Smart Class Knowledge Center inside the school Campus. Knowledge center is effectively catered by the Besides, project our school has introduced another digitize set-up version 20.0 in our Kids kingdom. is also an E-learning solution which combines the best of the hardware, software, content and service that delivers new age technology and is away from traditional class room teaching. Digital learning extends the learning experience much beyond the classroom and provides a whole new dimension to the subjects taught and thus increases the interest level of the student for better understanding. School management and all the teachers use the digital smart class knowledge, as a part of their class room period, toteachthespecifictopics intheirclasses.Every teacher smonthly usage is maintained and kept as a record. Our school is soon going to install "Educomp online Program" which is an Edu-content and online school management resources for new age schools. It is a potent platform for the school, students and parents to interact with each other seamlessly in a secured environment. This helps teachers, to upload assignment for the students to download and which further helps parents to have an access to an important information like marks and attendance about their wards.

Teach Logo

TEACH NEXT : Besides, Smart Class EduComp project our school has introduced another digitize set-up Teach Next version 20.0 in our Kids kingdom. Teach Next is also an E-learning solution which combines the best of the hardware, software, content and service that delivers new age technology and is away from traditional class room teaching.

Digital learning extends the learning experience much beyond the classroom and provides a whole new dimension to the subjects taught and thus increases the interest level of the student for better understanding.


Music Room

The best form of recreation from the hectic schedule of regular classes is through music and dance.The school has a beautiful music roomfor this. The walls of the room are decorated with the paintings of different dance styles and forms. The Picture of Natraj, the God of Dance inspires every student who learns music and dance as a divine art. Our Music room is fully equipped with latest music instruments - Guitar, Tabla, Congo, Keyboard, Tanpura, Harmonium, Dholak, Flute, Tamborine, Cup Bass etc. TV, DVDs further assist as audio visual aids.

Under the able guidance of our music and dance teacher, the students learn the expertise in singing and dancing. The whole room echoes with the melodious voices which synchronize with the music and have lasting impact on the listeners.


Activity Room

Our school has a spacious and well equipped activity room where all the indoor activities and competitions are held. There is always an essence of festivity in the air and the room echoes with vibrant activities like Dance, Dramas, Debates, Mono acting and Quiz Competition and celebration of academic days etc. throughout the year.


Cricket Zone

India is a country of crazy cricket fanatics where youngsters eat, drink and sleep cricket! So, much to the delight of the cricket loving HKH has a cricket zone in the school premises for net practice where students, irrespective of boys or girls hone their skills at batting, bowling and fielding. Since mental abilities go hand in hand with physical endurance…. the students are definitely benefitting from this new addition.



The school has a state of the art sound proof and air conditioned auditorium which always dawns an essence of festivity where talent gets a pertinent platform to express itself. Activities like Dance, Dramas, Debates, mono acting and Quiz Competition make the auditorium a happening place. Celebration has a new meaning when the entire HKH family gathers in the spacious Auditorium with impressive seating capacity to celebrate various occasions.

Geography Lab

Geography Lab

Geography Lab has adequate space with well equipped instruments like plane table, survey sets, chain, ranging roads, alidade, wall maps, globe and tracing table which provide an easy access to students understanding.