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School Emblem


This is our school emblem. Education, sports, arts and culture are four important spheres of life and these are depicted in our school emblem. All round development is the main aim of this institution. The maxim of the school on the school emblem depicts the spirit and confidence of each student of H.K.H, to enable him to develop the skills and to acquaint himself fully with the world through his rational understanding. This maxim helps in developing a new thrill and excitement among students to accomplish their tasks confidently.

Our Motto

'Flocking together' is the thought which binds us together as H.K.H family and inspires us to march towards the path of success in a united form.

Our Logo

'Sher Banenge H.K.H Ke Aangan Mein (शेर बनेंगे H.K.H के आँगन में)'. This is our school logo which depicts the idea of 'Sher Banenge H.K.H Ke Aangan Mein'. This reveals the fact that we try to make our students fearless and courageous like a tiger to face the hardship and challenges of future life with boldness.

Our Slogan

'Save the Earth'. Awareness about the preservation of earth ia carried out through the slogan of our school 'Save the Earth'. The burning issues of the present time, that is, the environment degradation.... rendering the earch barren and hollow. So an attempt has been initiated by the school to restore the lory of the earth through various envirnmental programs where students show their vigilance and alertness for pollution free environment.