Principal's Message


"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere".

Dear Students,

I would like to extend a warm welcome to our website. This website will provide you with the news and information of the various events and activities which will be conducted throughout the year. The H.K.H. family wants to serve you in times of crisis and struggle with compassion and dedication. We care for development and the well being of each and every student. It is our duty to prepare the future of the child channelizing the talents of our students to be the role models of every field and good citizens of the future. We are committed for the all round development of the student. To make the new session 2021-22 successful amidst the circumstances of Covid-19 pandemic our school fraternity is working together with the new guidelines and precautions related to the pandemic. However, our preparations are focused as our top priority as well as learning opportunities whether our students attend school physically or virtually. I pray to god that may all succeed in their endeavour. I want my students to enjoy their learning each day. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. The goals can be achieved by planning, passion, purpose and persistence. Dream it, believe it, and achieve it! I express my heartfelt thanks to the parents for their support and co-operation to the school. I also thank my staff members for their sincere commitment towards the development of every child of the school.

I look forward to meet you all soon.