Library is the heart of an educational institute. It is a treasure of knowledge which is open to all who are curious to know more and more. Our school libraries divided into two sections one is for primary sections and the other is for secondary section. Both the section of our library is well furnished, hi-tech, fully computerized and well organized where all the records of the books issued and deposited are maintained through computer. "Open Shelf" system is the specialty of our both libraries where a reader is free to choose and pick up the book of his/her choice. There are 17500 books including text books, reference books, periodicals, dictionaries and encyclopedias are available in both libraries. The books are divided into different sections-Science, Humanities, Art and Culture, Language and Literature (Poetry, songs, novels and dramas). The wrappers of new arrivals and newspapers are displayed on the board so that the readers may know about the new things and happenings around us. About 1000 books are issued to the staff members and students every month. The weekly, fortnightly, monthly magazines, journals and newspapers are made available to the readers. Not only this, both libraries also have rich collection of 1520 CDs and DVDs. These CDs and DVDs are made available to the teachers to use on different occasions.